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Saturday, 23 February 2008

Glorious Empires Battle of Eylau

By Panos Charalampakis

The Battle of Eylau

First Release - First Release - First Release

Glorious Empires presents set nr. 36 : The Battle of Eylau.
One of the bloodiest battles of the Napoleonic period, with heavy losses on both sides and with no clear winner, it was fought between the French, under Napoleon and the Russians and Prussians under the Russian Bennigsen.
Drama packed with many tense moments, including the artillery duel between 300 French guns and 450 Russian guns, with the famous scene of Colonel Lepic and his Guard Grenadiers (Mignot set) suffering heavily under fire while protecting the Guard Horse artillery.
This set (part 1 of 2) depicts the moment early in the morning of the battle when the artillery duel raged, fought on empty bellies and after a freezing night without fires.
Created after the painting by Benigni it shows General de Brigade Couin, commander of the Artillerie de la Garde presenting his batteries to Napoleon who is accompanied by Marshal Bessières (commander of the Guard), Roustan (his servant) and 2 men from his Chasseur à cheval de la Garde escort, a trumpeter and a trooper carrying the Emperor’s map bag.

It was left to Marshal Ney to sum up. Riding over the fields of Eylau the following morning, Ney said, Quel massacre! Et sans résultat – "What a massacre! And nothing gained."

Created by Glorious Empires, using the best designers and engravers available today, this set is now available, UNPAINTED, for € 24,95. (payment by Paypal, UK cheque or other, email me for options)
To commemorate the “First Release” of this set, Customers who order and pay prior to March 1 will be offered free delivery.
For more information contact Jacques Vullinghs - Glorious Empires

Ad oude Minderbroeders 20
6211 HM - Maastricht

Having recieved the new GE set today, I must say it really looks great. All figures came without damaged or bent parts with minimum flash that took 10 minutes to clear completely all of them.What is very interesting is that even in the 3/4 depiction of some of them they look good and realistic something that is very tough not to get distortions in detail in such position. Faces and minor uniform and equipment detail is excellent and so is the engraving of the horses. Also, the explosions look very convincing even unpainted. Well done.
A little birdie told me that the next part is finished and soon will be available aslo. From the photo I saw it's of the same quality and a great addition to the first set. I can only imagine what the "diorama bufs" among us will produce using these sets. Looking forward to it.

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