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Friday, 25 January 2008

Mignot dismounted General Staff

By Panos Charalampakis

Here is the finished set from Mignot depicting Napoleon and some of his Marshals and Generals with various troops holding their horses. Mignot sets are highly collectable sets since Mignot moulds have been sold to Plassenburg museum of Germany. Quality of the engraving is superb and it definately worths the trouble to find such a set.
All figures have been painted exclusively in oils over a white primer, including the various metal items.

From left to right:
1st row:
Marshal Adolphe Edouard Casimir Joseph Mortier
Mortier's horse held by one of his Guides
Marshal Louis Alexandre Berthier
Chasseurs à Cheval holding Berthier's horse
2nd row:
Marshal Michel Ney
Wuerttemberg Jaeger holding Ney’s horse
General Armand Augustin Louis de CaulaincourtChasseur à Cheval holding Caulincourt's horse
3rd row:
Napoleon Bonaparte
Roustan holding Napoleon’s horse
Marshal Jean Baptiste Bessières
Bessieres' horse held by Polish Lancer
4rth row:
Louis François, Baron Lejeune, ADC to Berthier
Emmanuel Gourgaud, Comte de Las Cases
Chasseur holding Lejeune's and Gourgaud's horses
Marshal Josef Anton Poniatowski
Poniatowski’s Guide holding his horse
5th row:
Marshal Joachim Murat
Murat's horse held by a Neapolitan Hussar
Prince Eugene
Italian Honour Guard holding Eugene's horse