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Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Funeral of Goustavous Adolphous Part II

By Panos Charalampakis

Funeral of Goustavous Adolphous Part II

These are figures from Mohr's set depiciting the funeral proccesion of the Swedish king Goustavous Adolphous, 30mm in size painted with oils. This article consists the rest of the figures. For the first half of the set see previous article (12 July).

The whole set took about 4 months of painting and studying about it. It was a really enjoyable experience even if the large amount of figures were a pain some times. Patterns of the banners and flags are actual patterns, not imaginary. All metal surfaces of armor and weapons are done with non metallic oils (i.e. white, black, paynes gray, various ochres and browns).


The whole set ready to depart for the frame specialist shop to get its wooden frame. Arrangement of the figures is random, final placement will take place in the framing shop.

From left to right:
1) Wrangel.
2) Rattsherr.
3) Axel Oxelstierna.
From left to right:
1) Foot cuirassier trooper.
2) Officer of the guards.
3) Trooper of the guards.

From left to right:
1) Trumpeter.
2) Timbalier.

From left to right:
1) Banner.
2) Groom.
3) Banner of Herzog Bernhard von Saschen.
Both left and right:
1 & 2) Royal banner.

Both left and right:
1 & 2) Mounted cuirassier carrying royal banner.

Both left and right:
1 & 2) Foot soldiers carrying banners.

From left to right:

1) Foot banner.

2) Wilhelm von Weimar.

3) Pikeman.

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