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Purpose of this Blog is to become a tool and a place where artist that collect and paint flat figures can find interesting links and news about flats, painting techniques, history and various related articles.English speaking related sites are very few but hopefully this blog will provide the collector and the painter with interesting and valuable information about the Art of the Flat Figure and everything related to it.
During the next days I will post any related info I have collected for a long time about various aspects of Flats. Techniques, photos, links, historic articles, anything that is related. Wherever possible I will including the author of the original article. I apologise if sometimes the author's name is not included. It's not intentional but it is lost through time.

Monday, 2 July 2007

Upcoming articles

By Panos Charalampakis

During the next few weeks, I will post some articles in the forms of chapters of a book about flat figures. These articles gonna cover everything from how and where to buy these small fellows, how to choose among what is available, different techinques of painting them untill the time of dispalying them. In addition, every chapter is gonna contain a selection of photos from well known or not so well know artists, demonstrating different techinqures or simply dispalying amazingly painted flats.

Here is a sample of what is coming up.


30mm figure from the Landshuter Hochzeit (1400 - 1500) range by Golberg.

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 : Buying Figures
  • Chapter 2 : References
  • Chapter 3 : Materials
  • Chapter 4 : Preparation
  • Chapter 5 : General Thoughts about Painting
  • Chapter 6 : Enamels / Gouaches / Acrylics
  • Chapter 7 : Artist’ Oils
  • Chapter 8 : Painting Flesh
  • Chapter 9 : The Dreadful Black & White
  • Chapter 10 : The Reds & Purples
  • Chapter 11 : The Blues & Greens
  • Chapter 12 : The Yellows & Oranges
  • Chapter 13 : Replicating Metal
  • Chapter 14 : Special Materials
  • Chapter 15 : Embroideries & Details
  • Chapter 16 : Painting Animals
  • Chapter 17 : Finishes & Varnishes
  • Chapter 18 : Displaying
  • Epilogue
  • Gallery
  • Appendix 1
  • Appendix 2
  • Appendix 3

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